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“The best marketing and business move we’ve made in 15 years
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Sheranz Kebab House, B19

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  • Over 1.6 million JUST EAT users ordering online
  • 10 million hungry surfers – on average, people use the internet
    twice a month to order takeaway
  • Customers can pay by card on a secure website

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  • Average revenue increase ranges from 15-25% a year
  • New ordering channel – your restaurant benefits whilst avoiding massive set-up and marketing costs

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  • We invest more in marketing than any other brand in the sector making sure the orders keep coming
  • You will be supported by a dedicated customer care and account management team


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Eatensil – The Takeaway Swiss Army Knife!

16 June 2011

It slices, it dices, it chop(sticks)! This is the Eatensil, the multitool for takeaway food. A swiss army knife for nosh so you can have the authentic takeaway experience anywhere and everywhere! Featuring a classic wooden chip fork, a pizza cutter, chopsticks, a fork, knife and spoon, as well as a bottle opener, the prototype caters for all kinds of foods. Much more environmentally friendly that plastic knife and fork set as well as being, in our opinion, a rather cool addition to your cutlery draw.

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