Our story

Just Eat 2016

Hello. We’re Just Eat, and we’re proud to be the world’s leading marketplace for online food delivery. We’ve created a world of choice serving everything from pizza to sushi and burgers to burritos. From humble beginnings in a Danish basement in 2001 to our 2014 listing on the London Stock Exchange, we now operate in 12 markets across the globe. We see huge opportunities for growth and our long term ambition is to revolutionise the way people order and enjoy food. In that sense our story’s only really just begun.

Our purpose and vision

Our purpose sits at the heart of everything we do and that’s to make food discovery exciting for everyone, whether it’s by giving our customers more choice than anywhere else, or by supporting our Restaurant Partners to get more out of their business. We’re bringing together everything that’s great about food. Connecting over 15 million customers with over 60,000 Restaurant Partners serving over 100 different cuisine types, we’re working hard to to deliver our vision to create the world’s greatest food community.

Restaurant Partners

We’re proud to be able to give tens of thousands of restaurants an online presence with the marketing tools they need. Giving them the ability to process orders efficiently and access to our constantly growing customer base. From our game-changing Orderpad devices to our partnerships with Apple, Amazon and Starship Technologies, we’re providing our Restaurant Partners with more value whether that be more customer orders, more control and ideas to make their business the very best it can be.

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Our culture

It’s the people that make Just Eat the great company it is. We hire smart, determined and dedicated people, and we favour ability over experience. It’s not about what you’ve done, but what we think you can do. Our people come from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages, reflecting our global audience and outlook. Another big part of our business is our open culture. We’re about making everyone feel comfortable, sharing ideas and trying out new things. In that way we’re more like a start up than a global brand, and we’re really proud of that.