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ABRA-KEBAB-RA! Just Eat trials world’s first takeaway order via ‘magic wand’

The Just Eat Ordering Wand, 3D printed, with cutting-edge Chirp™ soundwave techonology

The magic of being able to conjure up your favourite takeaway at the wave of a wand is now a reality thanks to the latest innovation unveiled by Just Eat, a leading global marketplace for online food delivery.

The Just Eat Ordering Wand enables hungry Brits to summon their favourite takeaway simply by waving a wand. The handy device brings much-needed magic to mealtimes not only by making it easier to order, but also by improving our enjoyment of food, according to experts.

Users activate the 3D-printed Wand by pressing a button and waving it. The Wand then communicates with the Just Eat app using cutting-edge Chirp™ soundwave technology. It transmits an encrypted sound signal, like a ‘sonic barcode’, to the mobile app triggering it to order your favourite, last order via Just Eat.

Once payment has been made, the LED tip flashes to confirm the order has been placed. Only one order can be placed an hour to reduce the chance of accidental multiple orders.

The Wand not only makes mealtimes simpler for busy Brits, but according to Oxford University food scientist, Professor Charles Spence, it can also make the food taste better by bringing a sense of fun to the occasion. Professor Spence, who has worked with Heston Blumenthal and chef Ferran Adrià, formerly of 3 Michelin starred experimental restaurant, El Bulli, said that the Wand and the sense of fun it evokes acted like a “mental palate cleanser” that actually improves your food:

“Fun improves your mood which enhances your taste of the food. A wand has a special place in our psyche, thanks to the popularity of magic shows and Harry Potter. It appeals to our inner child and evokes happy memories. Anything that makes your mind happier, makes your taste buds happier.”

The Wand device is not the first time Just Eat has spiced up mealtimes. Just Eat customers can place individual and/or group orders through Apple TV, XBox, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Alexa, and reorder via Facebook Chatbot. In an industry-first initiative, Just Eat also introduced self-driving delivery robots, which to date have delivered over 1,000 takeaway orders.

Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director at Just Eat said:

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to use technology to offer more choice, ease or simply to make the takeaway experience more enjoyable.

"One-wave-wand-ordering is very exciting technology. It takes that feelgood moment of being able to order your favourite meal at the touch of a button to the next level. It’s still very much at trial stage, but it has the potential to make mealtimes magical.”
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