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Brunch serves up winning recipe to scoop Good to Go award at Food Made Good Awards 2018

Just Eat restaurant partner Brunch wins takeaway sustainability award at Food Made Good Awards 2018

Whiston takeaway Brunch has been named winner of the Good to Go award at the Food Made Good Awards 2018, the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s (SRA) annual industry accolades for the most progressive purveyors of food and drink.

This award is one of 17 presented at a special ceremony on 1st October at FEST Camden in London. The Food Made Good Awards recognise restaurants and foodservice businesses whose extraordinary accomplishments in the last year are helping diners use the power of their appetites wisely.

Sharon Carline, Owner of Brunch, said:

“I'm thrilled to have won the 2018 Food Made Good, Good to Go award. Brunch is committed to being as sustainable as possible, by offering our customers great food without having a negative impact on our planet. This is why we’ve made positive changes with a full commitment to use packaging that is environmentally-friendly. All our takeaway food is presented to our Bruncher’s in recyclable boxes , even our hot drinks, smoothies, milkshakes & fresh orange are served in 100% biodegradable cups.

"We even look beyond our food when thinking about sustainability as where possible our equipment and furniture is either second-hand or upcycled as small changes can have massive impacts of making businesses more sustainable. It's great to be recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and we can’t wait to celebrate with our customers.”

Ethically sourced coffee and local eggs – all packaged up in recyclable materials are just some of Brunch owner Sharon Carline’s winning ingredients at this Merseyside breakfast favourite.

In recognition of the huge ongoing growth of this part of the sector, already worth £10bn a year, The Good to Go award, sponsored by Just Eat, is designed to reward a business whose main focus is takeaway (more than 50%), and which is helping to drive the sector forward in a positive way. The runners-up in this category were Plymouth chippy, Kingfisher Fish & Chips which serves up a dozen sustainable seafood species and London café Joe & Za which has ditched all single-use plastic and donates surplus food to local charities.

Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director at Just Eat, said:

“Whether it’s through sourcing local ingredients, managing waste or engaging local communities, many of our restaurant partners work extremely hard to ensure their businesses are as sustainable as possible. We know this matters to our customers as well - they want to be able to enjoy their favourite takeaway whilst knowing it’s not having a negative impact on the wider world.

"We think it's important to use our influence to support our partners and drive environmentally-friendly behaviour. Partnering with the Sustainable Restaurant Association enables us to do just that. We're delighted to be supporting the Food Made Good Awards for a second year, helping to recognise and celebrate the best of the best in sustainable innovation."

The Food Made Good Awards recognise restaurants and food service businesses whose accomplishments in the last year have driven progress in the industry and demonstrated that all food can be made delicious, ethical and sustainable. The winners provide a treasure trove of concepts proven to make a positive difference, providing diners with the inspiration to vote with their forks for a better food future, and operators winning ideas to use in their business.

Raymond Blanc, OBE, President of the SRA, said:

“Year after year, chefs and restaurateurs continue to delight me with their winning submissions to The Food Made Good Awards, demonstrating how food can be a powerful force for good. Their greatest reward would be for consumers to eat in their dining rooms and for their colleagues across the industry to follow their lead.”

Among the other winners, Poco Tapas Bar, where the connection between farm and fork grows ever closer, ways of keeping food on the plate and out of the bin increasingly ingenious, and the menu’s celebration of veg and better meat continues apace, was named Food Made Good Business of the Year.

In the only publicly voted award, Dusty Knuckle Pizza in Cardiff won the hearts of delicious.magazine readers to claim the title of the People’s Favourite with its mix of tasty, locally sourced toppings delivered in a waste-busting aluminium box.

Seaside café ODE-truefood scooped the Reduce Reuse Recycle award, sponsored by Paper Round, for running a community-wide campaign to rid its village of the scourge of single-use plastic.

Professor Tim Lang, the man without whom there would be no Food Standards Agency nor Sustain, no concept of food miles, and a much-diminished understanding of the connection between food, health and the environment, was named Raymond Blanc Sustainability Hero.

Ethical water company Belu was named Food Made Good Supplier of the Year for its success in shifting hospitality businesses to a more sustainable water service with a cocktail of free filtration systems and better bottles.

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