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I see you baby...Chicken Madras!

Just Eat turn up the heat with the ‘Madras Baby!’ advert, the sequel to ‘Balti Rocks’.

The Chicken Madras advert, a new creative in the set of mini-fist-pump feeling ads first aired on social media on the 22nd of December. It injects Groove Armada's 90s classic ‘I See You Baby, shaking that thang’ with an infusion of spicy lyrics.

Much like ‘Balti’ , the Chicken Madras advert shows the couple getting ready to order a takeaway, only this time it’s the woman who breaks into spontaneous song, belting out a foodie version of the famous track:

"I see you baby,
chicken madras...
Chicken madras...
Chicken madras...
You drive me crazy...
Chicken madras...
Chicken madras"

The new incarnation of the advert builds on the idea of music as the expression of the mini-fist-pump feeling as well as playing true to our spirited and mischievous personality. The magic recipe of music and food clearly resonates with the public, as the video has been an instant success, racking up over a quarter of a million views on youtube in just over a week.

As part of a fully integrated campaign the ad is live on radio, TV, all digital channels and will also feature as part of the outdoor advertising initiative in London. The Chicken Madras advert also neatly slots in with the other recent JUST EAT activity during the past few months, including the fascinating research carried out by our very own music sommelier, Professor Charles Spence, who created the perfect soundtracks to our takeaway favourites as well as the festive digital video “Twelve days of foodmas”.

The question on everyone’s lips now is, “what next?”

Well, in case you still need more Madras in your life, word on the grapevine is that a few under-the-radar features will also appear on the app in the form of free food (mini-fist-pump) and melodic additions that will get you singing for your supper.

In the meantime, stay tuned and follow our twitter and FB pages, and keep practicing that last Esharp as you sing along to the ad one more time.

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