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Just Eat Italy launches Risotto Solidale to mark Milan Food Week

To celebrate Milan Food Week in May (2-8 May), Just Eat Italy launched “Risotto Solidale,” part of its Ristorante Solidale project, to raise awareness of and help tackle food waste in Italy by redistributing surplus food to communities in need.

Risotto Solidale saw Just Eat join forces with local restaurants and chefs, including the Michelen-starred Eugenio Boer, to serve up more than 35kg of Risotto to hungry people across Milan.

Eugenio Boer, was on hand to help cook 25kg of the traditional risotto alla milanese in community kitchen, Refettorio Ambrosiano. Part of this risotto was served to visitors at the kitchen with the other part being delivered to Caritas Ambrosiana shelters with the support of delivery partner Food Pony, helping more than 300 people.

Just Eat customers were also given the opportunity to get involved by donating a risotto meal when ordering via Just Eat from four local restaurants: L'Antica Trattoria della Pesa dal 1902, Genuino, Let’s Wok and Al Mercato. The total weight of donated meals ordered by customers was then doubled by Just Eat, enabling an additional 10kg of risotto to be delivered to the shelter.

Monica Paoluzzi, Just Eat Marketing Director in Italy, said:

Rice has always been one of the world’s most popular foods because of its adaptability to different climates and low cost. As a result, it has become one of the most important ingredients of the food culture in every country. In Milan, it plays a key role in the city’s culinary tradition. This is why we decided to embrace risotto alla milanese in our Ristorante Solidale project, creating the first Community Risotto for people in need through our partnership with Caritas Ambrosiana.

“With this initiative, we want to maintain the momentum of the Ristorante Solidale project, educating people about the value of food and how food delivery can also act as a tool of social inclusion

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