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Just Eat Italy publishes second edition of Food Delivery Map in Italy

Just Eat Italy reveals the results of the second edition of the Food Delivery Map in Italy including most popular cuisines and new food trends across 20 Italian cities.

Key findings from the Just Eat Food Delivery Map include:

  • The biggest trend is traditional Italian food, with hot and cold deli specialties, but other popular choices include noodles, healthy options, Japanese and brand-new entry, Lebanese cuisine.
  • The top five cities for online food delivery orders are Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin and Genoa
  • Among the bigger cities, Naples saw the highest growth, while the biggest increase in restaurants offering the service was in Modena and Cagliari
  • The digital food delivery market has the potential to reach over 10 million Italians, and currently accounts for 7% of the takeaway market

The food delivery market continues to thrive in Italy with a diverse range of choices and new trends emerging. For an up-to-date overview of this phenomenon, Just Eat, the leading global marketplace for food delivery, has created the second edition of the “Food Delivery Map In Italy”, analysing the tastes and preferences of consumers across 20 cities. The study shows how the online takeaway market in Italy has continued to evolve in the last year, with significant changes in terms of food trends and consumer behaviour across generations and geographical areas.

Daniele Contini, Country Manager for Just Eat in Italy, said: “The market we operate in is continually expanding and has huge potential. We want to make the most of this by offering the finest digital technology, enabling food delivery to be made simple and convenient, giving customers the widest possible choice in cuisine options from a range of diverse restaurant partners in the country. The second edition of the Food Delivery Map in Italy offers a snapshot into digital food delivery, highlighting a further rise in consumption and in the use of the service compared to last year. There has also been an expansion in the number of restaurants moving online, with more than 9300 in almost 900 municipalities, we have seen an increase of approximately 40% in restaurant partners and a 54% increase in the areas covered by the service."

In Italy, digital orders now account for about 7% of the entire takeaway sector. Taking both online and offline orders into account, the total value of the home delivery market is around € 3.2 billion. There are already some 30 million Italians ordering takeaways over the phone or by going directly to the restaurant, and there are a potential 10 million willing to go online and place an order. The research reveals, that this year, consumers have both rediscovered the pleasure of food Made in Italy as well as becoming more curious about food from overseas and healthy options.

Top cuisines and new trends:

The second edition of the “Food Delivery Map in Italy” reveals the top 10 cuisines ordered and highlights the emerging trend towards hamburgers, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Since 2017, there has been a rise in orders of panini & piadina, chicken and desserts.

Top 10 cuisines and meals ordered (from June 2017 to June 2018):

  1. Pizza
  2. Hamburger
  3. Japanese
  4. Chinese
  5. Panini and Piadina ↑
  6. Italian ↓
  7. Chicken ↑
  8. Indian ↓
  9. Desserts ↑
  10. Mexican

The study also reveals a number of new trends with Italian consumers making a return to typical Italian flavours, thanks to a huge rise in hot and cold deli orders (+429% and +446% respectively), with popular dishes such as arancini, mozzarella in carrozza, lasagna, baked pasta dishes and a huge variety of delicious traditional recipes from various regions.

Top ten food trends include:

  1. Cold delis
  2. Hot delis
  3. Noodles
  4. Healthy food options
  5. Ice cream
  6. Lebanese cuisine
  7. Hamburgers
  8. Japanese
  9. Chicken
  10. Panini and Piadina

The growth in the diverse range of choice available across the sector is supported by a significant rise in the number of restaurants offering the digital food delivery service in various cities. The two Italian cities that have registered the biggest increases in partner restaurants are Modena (+118%), and Cagliari, with a 43% year-on-year increase. Naples also recorded a 44% rise, followed by Monza (+42%), Trieste (+41%) and Padua (+35%). Naples, Modena and Cagliari have also seen the largest rise in takeaway food orders, followed by Monza, Brescia, Catania, Palermo and Genoa.

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