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Just Eat Italy reveals 2019’s healthy food delivery trends

  • Over the last six months, the number of customers opting for healthier cuisine choices has grown by over 150%
  • Poké bowls, vegetarian meals and salads reported the highest growth
  • “Superfood” ingredients including turmeric, ginger, black cabbage, chickpeas and red beans, have also grown in popularity.
  • Rome is the most popular city for healthier food orders, followed by Milan, Pescara and Turin.

New research conducted by Just Eat in Italy, has reported a 150% growth in healthy food orders over the past six months, revealing Italians’ growing passion for healthier food options.

The research, which examined food delivery data from over 10,000 restaurants in 1,000 Italian cities, shows healthy food options increasingly finding their way onto restaurant menus, driven in part by market demand.

Over the past six months, the number of “healthy” takeaway restaurants in Italy has risen by 36%, while those specialising exclusively in vegan cuisine are up 25%. There has also been a 280% increase in the number of Poké bars.

Trends: the fastest growing cuisines and meals

The research reveals that poké bowls are the fastest growing trend, with an increase in orders of over 2,000%. This is followed by healthy veggie and vegan food options with +157%, and fish specialities with +77%.

There has also been a sharp rise in healthier versions of the traditional hamburger - with vegetarian, vegan, avocado and quinoa burgers all whetting Italian customers appetites - alongside gluten-free margherita pizzas, salads, bagels and raw pressed juices.

Italian customers’ favourite healthy food delivery meals:

  • Poke bowl with salmon
  • Gluten-free pizza
  • Edamame
  • Green and mixed salad
  • Avocado Burger (and veggie burger)
  • Soups with squash and organic seasonal vegetables
  • Chicken (sliced, salad, chicken breast)
  • Swordfish (grilled, hot plate, roasted)
  • Raw pressed juices
Ingredients: superfoods are on the rise

Ingredients from across the world have also seen a huge increase in growth. Turmeric is one of the fastest growing “Superfood” ingredients and is used for a variety of dishes from soups, turmeric-marinated chicken and vegetable-based African and Middle Eastern meals.

Other popular ingredients in Italy include ginger, black cabbage, red beans, red rice, sesame breadsticks and whole-grain bread. These top trends are followed by quinoa, pulses and dried fruit. Avocado continues to be the most popular fruit, found in poké bowls, salads and the legendary avocado burger - a very popular meal option.

The most healthiest cities?

Customers in Rome are most likely to opt for a healthier treat. With Milan, Pescara, and Turin following suit. Other cities that make the top ten include Ferrara, Parma, Naples, Bologna and Florence. Whilst soups and salads continue to be very popular meal option in the capital city, poké and soups are the favourite in Milan.

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