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Just Eat launches the British Takeaway Awards following new analysis on the takeaway industry

The UK takeaway industry is worth £9 billion to the UK economy according to the first economic impact assessment of the sector, published today. The analysis, conducted by independent economists the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr), was commissioned by us to establish the contribution of the sector to the UK economy in 2014.

The research also shows that the takeaway sector supported more than 220,000 direct jobs in 2014. Adjusting for the proportions of full and part-time jobs, this equals 153,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs.

Total employment in the takeaway industry rose by 10% from 2012 to 2014 and by nearly 17% over the past five years, mirroring the wider growth the sector has seen. In addition to the people employed directly in the sector, the knock-on economic impact of the industry supports a further 72,000 FTE jobs, of which 38,000 are indirect jobs in the supply chain, and 34,000 are induced jobs in the wider economy. What’s more, the sector is expected to generate another 30,000 jobs over the next five years.

Graham Corfield, UK Managing Director of JUST EAT, said:

“We know takeaways contribute a huge amount to our culture but what many don’t realise is the enormous impact takeaway restaurants – often small, independent, and family-run – make to our economy.”

The analysis shows the takeaway sector contributed £4 billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy last year, equivalent to one eighth (12.5%) of the entire food services sector (which includes restaurants, cafes, canteens, pubs, bars, events catering and of course takeaways).

In addition, every £1 in GVA generated by the sector stimulated an additional 54p throughout the industry supply chain. When including the spending of takeaway employees and the workers along the sector’s supply chain, each £1 of takeaway GVA supports an additional £1.08 of GVA. Taking account of these multiplier effects, the total contribution of the takeaway sector is estimated at £8.3 billion in 2014 - equivalent to 0.5% of UK GDP last year.

The size of the takeaway industry, and the jobs it supports, compare favourably with other parts of the economy. At £9 billion, the sector is worth more than other service industries like design (£5.7 billion) and hairdressing and beauty (£4.7 billion). In jobs terms, the takeaway sector is around a third larger than the insurance industry (153,000 FTE jobs vs. 98,100 FTE jobs), and and roughly the same size as the UK’s regular armed forces (156,630 people).

Graham continued:

“The takeaway sector rightly deserves to be recognised and championed as one of the key industries supporting small businesses across the UK and this is why JUST EAT has launched the British Takeaway Awards - the first ever multi-cuisine takeaway awards in the UK.”

The British Takeaway Awards will take place on 9th November at The Savoy in London, where 250 of the most celebrated names in British takeaway food and will come together to celebrate the success of Britain’s best independent takeaway businesses. In total 15 awards will be presented; made up of 13 regional awards presented to the best loved takeaway restaurants locally, a special recognition award, and the most coveted of the prizes, the best takeaway restaurant in Britain.

A supporter of the British Takeaway Awards is Ibrahim Dogus, Founder and Director of the Centre for Turkey Studies, and the British Kebab Awards. Ibrahim said:

"As an entrepreneur and supporter of small businesses, I understand the hard work and contribution independent local takeaways bring to their community. It's important for the entire industry to come together to celebrate their focus on quality. I welcome the launch of the British Takeaway Awards and look forward to celebrating the industry's success in providing customers with great tasting food and excellent service."

Graham continued:

“A takeaway is the cornerstone of a great British night in. But there’s never been one set of multi-cuisine awards voted for by consumers to recognise these takeaway restaurants, until now. If you love your local takeaway - whether its a Sushi, Chinese or Indian - vote for it on now until 12th October and help your favourite takeaway restaurant and their people receive the recognition it deserves.”
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