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Menulog reveals Aussies' quirkiest eating habits for 2019

Aussies are kicking the Monday blues with spicy Pad Thai - but turning to Margherita Pizza every other day of the week

We love Laksa - orders outnumbered Pho, Ramen and Wonton Noodle Soup combined

2019 was the year Aussies embraced late night feasts

Exclusive data from online food delivery favourite, Menulog, has unveiled some of the quirkiest eating trends across the country for 2019. From exotic teas in chicken curry, to Monday Pad Thais, to a whole lot of laksa loving, here’s what the numbers reveal.

Tea was trending... Matcha (powdered Japanese green tea) and Kombucha (a fermented tea) were trending for 2019, with a 58% jump in Kombucha orders and an incredible 128% jump for Matcha-related orders.

Matcha lovers hit the jackpot this year, enjoying the exotic delicacy in the form of drinks like milk tea, bubble tea, lattes, frappes, smoothies and milkshakes, and even in foods like cheesecake, crepes, toast, waffles, pancakes, ice cream and curry chicken or burgers.

Kombucha drinkers enjoyed a vast and growing array of flavours – from blood orange, passionfruit lemonade or watermelon, to green apple or ginger and lemon.

Australia’s top dishes of 2019 The humble but delicious Margherita Pizza takes the crown for Australia's dish of the year in 2019, leading as the nation's favourite dish to order on every single day bar Monday.

To cope with the Monday blues this year, Aussies nationwide turned to spicy Pad Thai – the tasty stir-fried rice noodles were the most popular dish to order to help kickstart the week.

King of the soups: Laksa dominates, with NSW slurping the most Laksa was by far the most popular winter warmer ordered by Aussies in 2019. Across the nation, Laksa orders outnumbered orders of Pho, Ramen and Wonton Noodle Soup combined.

The most enthusiastic laksa lovers for 2019 were to be found in NSW, with an incredible 60% of the nation's total laksa orders for the year made by the state’s residents.

Night-time nibbles: Melbourne the most nocturnal city 2019 was the year Aussies embraced the late night supper, with late night orders growing more year on year than orders made before 9pm. The numbers also show that Melbourne is Australia’s most nocturnal city, being the likeliest in the nation to order late night feasts.

We like our ice January 2019 was Australia's hottest month on record. The numbers suggest that many of us stayed indoors to seek relief from the heat, with orders of icy cold soft drinks spiking 62% year on year this summer. Meanwhile orders of ice cream increased by 28% overall, but fried ice cream enjoyed stronger year on year growth than the traditional version of the cold treat.

Sunny Coast spenders... The Sunshine Coast was the most likely city in Australia to stay out of the kitchen and spend big on online food delivery in 2019. In the Sunshine Coast, Indian, Pizza and Thai were the top three most popular cuisines for the year.

While the Sunshine Coast had the highest number of big spenders, the single biggest Menulog order for 2019 was for Greek cuisine from Plateia Where Friends Meet at Potts Point in Sydney, coming to a total of $1,196.50.

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