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Ristorante Solidale expands to Naples

  • Ristorante Solidale expands to Naples, having already launched in Milan, Turin and Rome
  • Twelve Neapolitan restaurant partners have signed up to the project for launch and have already donated the first 70 meals to those in need
  • Since launching in 2017, the project has delivered approximately 5,000 hot meals, helped 3,000 people in 35 shelters

Ristorante Solidale, a project launched in 2017 by Just Eat Italy, to tackle food waste and food poverty, has expanded to Naples. The project, already live in Milan, Turin and Rome, will see 12 of Just Eat’s restaurant partners in Naples donate hot meals, made from surplus food, to people in need.

The project, which officially launched with an event held on June 26 at the Piazza Municipio, has already seen the first 70 meals donated to three canteens by the participating restaurant partners: Pizza Loca, Burger King, D'Ausilio Butcher & Burger Grill, Rosticceria Magia, The Black Goose Burger Station, Kokore Sushi and Poke, O 'Sushi, I'm Poke, Chicken & Potatoes, Triclinium Gastronomy Rotisserie, Laura Bistrot and Hoop Bagel.

Logistics company, PonyU, will be on hand to deliver surplus meals made by chefs at the Solidarity Restaurants to shelters and canteens identified by Caritas Diocesana of Naples and with the support of the Department of Social Policies of Naples. Deliveries will be made on electric vehicles, to help minimise environmental impact.

So far, Ristorante Solidale has helped tackle food waste and food poverty by serving approximately 5000 meals donated by Just Eat restaurant partners, to 3000 across 35 communities.

Roberta Gaeta, Councilor for Social Policies, Municipality of Naples, said:

"It is important to always find new ways to help those who are at risk of social exclusion. With this project, people in desperate need are getting the help they need through donations of surplus meals. As an administration we are ready to welcome any initiative that focuses on the well-being and protection of our people.”

Daniele Contini, Country Manager, Just Eat Italy, added:

“We are delighted to expand Ristorante Solidale to Naples, It is an important initiative, which has had a positive impact to communities in Italy since its launch. We have seen some fantastic results with 5,000 meals delivered across 35 communities. We are pleased that we’ll be able to help even more people in need with the expansion of this project and the help of our fantastic restaurant partners.”

Giancamillo Trani, Deputy Director of the Diocesan Caritas of Naples, added:

"We are proud to be supporting Just Eat Italy with this important project, which will play an important role in tackling food poverty in Naples and raising awareness around food waste. We hope that Just Eat Italy’s brilliant initiative will stimulate the generosity of other entrepreneurial groups when it comes to tackling these important issues."

Luigi Strino, Founder of PonyU, explained:

“We are proud to be able to do our part in this project, especially here in Naples. PonyU is founded on strong principles such as respect and education. To be able to participate in a project like Ristorante Solidale gives us the opportunity to convey our corporate value in the best possible way.”

As part of the Ristorante Solidale project, Just Eat Italy has also launched a number of activities as part of its mission to raise awareness on food waste. These include:

  • Piatto sospeso - the first digital campaign to collect meals for hungry people, donated by customers ordering from a number of Just Eat restaurant partners.
  • #iononsprecoconSaveBag - a project which saw Just Eat encourage restaurants to tackle food waste by offering customers “Save Bags”.
  • Risotto Solidale - During Milan Food Week, over 25 kg risotto was donated to shelters and food kitchens with the support of Caritas Ambrosiana.

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