Gender pay gap

We are committed to building an inclusive and big hearted culture in which all Just Eaters are treated equally.

Statutory report

This report includes information relating to both our UK based companies (Just Eat Holdings & Ltd). We are required to report these separately on the government website. The information contained in this report was collected on the 5th April 2018 in line with the report requirements.

The gender pay gap is something Just Eat is committed to improving. As a reminder the gender pay gap is not the same as an equal pay gap. Equal pay means men and women are paid the same for the same work or work of equal value. We do not believe we have any equal pay concerns. We monitor this annually as part of our annual salary review process internationally. We believe in, and are committed to, equal pay for equal work.

“The gender pay gap is important to address, however it is essential to remember that there’s more to diversity and equality than this measure alone. We are making great strides to ensure Just Eat is an inclusive place to work, for example by developing our female talent from the ground up through apprenticeships and graduate schemes. Evolving, reviewing and identifying opportunities to support the development of female talent is crucial for Just Eat..”
Mira Magecha, Interim Chief People Officer

Download our Gender Pay Gap report