Whistleblowing policy

Just Eat is committed to conducting its business honestly and with integrity at all times.

Just Eat is committed to conducting its business honestly and with integrity at all times. However, all organisations face the risk of their activities going wrong from time to time, or of unknowingly and unintentionally harbouring illegal or unethical conduct.

The aim of this Policy is to ensure that employees are confident they can raise any matters of genuine concern without fear of reprisals, in the knowledge that they will be taken seriously and that the matters will be investigated appropriately and regarded as confidential.

The Policy should be used:

  • to encourage reporting of suspected wrongdoing as soon as possible, in the knowledge that concerns will be taken seriously and investigated as appropriate;
  • to provide guidance as to how to raise concerns; and
  • to reassure employee that they can raise genuine concerns without fear of reprisal.

This Policy is not contractual. Just Eat may vary or amend this Policy at its discretion and may apply it as far as practicable in the circumstances.

Who does this apply to?

This Policy applies to all individuals working for Just Eat, whether permanent, temporary, casual, part-time or on fixed term contracts, employees, ex-employees, job applicants, agency workers, contractors, consultants and volunteers who are not our employees but who work for Just Eat (known collaboratively as “employee’’ for the purposes of this Policy).

What does this cover?

“Whistleblowing’’ is the disclosure of information which relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers connected to work or the business of Just Eat. These may include:
  • criminal activity or bribery;
  • danger to health and safety;
  • damage to the environment;
  • failure to comply with any legal or professional obligation or regulatory requirements;
  • financial fraud or mismanagement;
  • modern slavery and related offences;
  • unethical or dishonest conduct;
  • unauthorised disclosure of confidential information; and
  • the deliberate concealment of any of the above matters.
This Policy should not be used for complaints relating to an employee’s employment rights, such as the way an employee has been treated at work. In those cases Just Eat’s Grievance Policy should be used.

If you are unsure whether a concern is a matter relating to your own personal circumstances or a whistleblowing matter, you are still encouraged to raise it and then you will be advised as to which route to take.

How to raise a Whistleblowing concern?

Download our Whistleblowing Policy (PDF 103KB) for further information on how to raise a Whistleblowing concern.